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Ritual Richness: Tuning in and waking up to present moment magic.

Do you ever find yourself going through the motions of your daily habits, switching off to your immediate happenings? Feeling the drain of mundane, monotony? Part of being human. Many a time, I have trudged through the motions. Frustrated, feeling a disconnect to my experience in daily living, wanting more, wondering. Is it not a constant process of waking up! again and again.

A remembering to remember our way back home to ourselves, through connection and attentive actions.

One aspect that has woken up to through ritual was my 'waiting' for a happening. Recognising, I was waiting for 'something', to propel me, jolt me awake. News Flash for me... What ever preoccupies you is going to be. What you are preoccupied with - attracts, magnetises, expands. In Waiting for a 'happening', I'd moved out of the driving seat of my own life. My waiting, was the magnetising root of my 'inaction'. RITUAL RICHNESS Ritual is a root aspect of my daily living. Why ritual? Its a means to TURN IN and TUNE IN. A conscious act of present moment attentiveness. Ritual articulates connection through attentive action. Richness is fed from that sacred connection. Full disclosure, I get lost in time loops. Fogged in the routine But/AND, the difference is, recognition and a means to plug back into presence. Your preoccupation is magnetic. Direction of attentiveness, encodes your experience. So why make sacred of our daily doings? Ritual and ceremony have long been part of humans daily lives. Ritual has provided a means of celebrating, clearing, cleansing, protection and sacred connection - a harmonising with inner and outer nature. Spirit and matter. Lost Connection. HABITs not RITUAL Habits are automatic, often done without conscious thought. The Ritual is intentional action that awakens conscious connection. A means to return again and again to a present aliveness. A sacred act of waking up to the extraordinary nestled within the ordinary. A means to rehabilitate intuitive connection with ourselves and the natural world. Waking up to everyday magic by Ritualising experience; A present moment remembering into wholeness. An ensorcelling bridge between seen and unseen. Re-oxygenating our root connection to self and earth. Sure We can use embodiment practices, such as yoga or meditation, to ground ourselves and connect. We can light candles or use essential oils to awaken our senses and create a sacred space for daily ritual. AND it can be said that No grand gestures are needed. The intentional focus of our action can cultivate a deeper personal and collective connection. Ritual, can transform our daily habits into sacred acts that honour our inner most self, create deeper meaning and purpose, and cultivate a sense of belonging. May you magnetise magic and connection, through your attentive action. May this awaken your wild & sacred.

Tips for Sacred Space & Ritual

  • Create a sacred space - Set aside a physical space in your home, a personal sanctuary. Decorate with items that inspire and make you feel connected to yourself.

  • Create an Alter - add personal items that serve. A way to connect with nature; pick and fresh flowers, and the elements, a stone from the beach, a crystal, a feather. You could add pictures of ancestors, loved ones, archetypes, deities (see below) .

  • Enliven your senses - Create deeper connection with your inner nature through sensory experience; attune your hearing to breathing, light a candle, burn incense, use herbs or essential oils.

  • Divine inspiration - Explore deities and archetypes. To Invite awareness of chosen characteristics for intentional focus in ritual and to enliven within your own body wisdom.

  • Personal to Planetary - Your rituals are yours, unique and a way to connect to your own living body wisdom and truth. Experiment and find what works for you.

  • Sacred Sound - Use sound in your ritual practice, sound vibration, humming, chanting, singing, you can play music.

Want Every day Magic? Ready to tap your Wild Power?

Dive in and surf with us as we explore the practical and the mystical. Reclaim the power and wisdom of your Wild roots in Sacred connection. Wild Sacred Self starts June 7th and its divine and delicious. A remembering home to wholeness. Were we get practical with the mystical. And connect to our wild and sacred self through embodiment practices, ritual and Deep rest. Check out the fulfilling delights of Wild Sacred Self below Ready to Jump in?

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