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Red Tent Doulas


Red Tent Doula Preparation Training (Red Tent Doulas) – Nicola Goodall (2015)

Circle of Support

Welcome to this safe and supportive space to step into your power. Cultivate your deepest intuitive wisdom, self-belief and trust in Pregnancy, Birth and Motherhood.

We are not meant to raise our families alone.

My dream is, all birthing people feel a community of support, born of love, respect, trust and connection.

In my own, wild transformative journey through birth and motherhood, my circle of support, was and continues to be the bedrock of my own and my families wellbeing.

If any of this struck a cord with you, I'd love to hear from you... 

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Ready to step into your power, and own your experiences in pregnancy, birth and beyond?

Parents with Newborn Baby

Full Birth Support

Tailored one to one support through Pregnancy, Birth and the Post Natal period.

BIRTH WORKS. How we Birth Matters.

In the UK, Induction of Labour is more than 25% (sara Wickham, 2021).

Do you want to experience autonomous, physiological birth, in your power?

Research shows having a doula, reduces the need for intervention and positively impacts, women's experiences of birth.

 Here are some examples of what my doula support role could include;


  • Continuity of care through pregnancy, birth and post birth.

  • Exploring beliefs, hopes, fears, and working to build confidence and trust.

  • Providing informational support and resources, so feel informed and ready to birth your baby.

  • Individually tailored Movement & breath practices to support nutritious daily movement for you, reduce discomfort, 

  • Practical tools utilising breathwork, visualisation, yoga and relaxation to prepare for physiological birth.

  • Oceans of love, laughs and herbal teas on tap.

  • 24hour oncall support for 4 weeks around your guesstimated due date.

  • Communicating your wishes to care provider, protecting and holding space.


Interested in any of the above

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Embrace your pregnancy, make some space to trust and connect with your body and baby.

Holistic one to one antenatal support, to inform, empower and serve your unique needs.


  • Ready to prepare for birthing in your full power and autonomy?

  • Want to prepare for your dream birth but feel overwhelmed?

  • Do you want to be informed and equipped to navigate the care system feeling respected and safe?

  • Do you want to avoid unnecessary intervention?

  • Want practical tools to build confidence and trust in your body and baby? 

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Journey through this period of huge adjustment and intensity, feeling supported and loved.

The first 40 days after the birth of your baby is an incredible time like no other. Heres Some examples of one to one support to honour and prioritise wellbeing for you and your baby.

  • Support with feeding.

  • Use of props to promote resting well and relieving tension.

  • Food preparation to support post birth digestion and healing.

  • Use of traditional techniques and herbs for health.

  • Baby care while you have a cup of tea, rest, have a bath.

  • Holding space, for you to share, feel loved, valued and cared for.

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Private Yoga Sessions

Private Pre and Post- Natal Yoga sessions to promote emotional, mental and physical wellbeing.

Yoga as a powerful complimentary therapy, during these hugely transformative times.  Research shows, Yoga improves vaginal delivery, shortens labour duration, and decreases premature delivery (Rong et al, 2020). These Personally tailored sessions provide;

  • A whole body approach to promote nutritious daily movement.

  • Practical tools to support, amidst the 24/7 demands of parenting.

  • Mindfulness, breathwork, relaxation and yoga to calm and restore.

  • Address common symptoms  such as back ache, heartburn, Distasis Recti, prolapse, tension, anxiety, stress. 

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Image by Alex Pasarelu


As a doula Tess will hold you through your journey, advocate, be your cheerleader, wisewoman and friend. She will remind you of your strengths and work with you to reclaim your power, to meet the challenges that arise with trust and an open heart. As a pre and post natal yoga and birth prep teacher, skillfully shares practices to nurture and nourish you as you need, and holds space to share, connect and build community with other people.

Lottie & Kevin_edited.jpg

Svetlana & Kevin

Tess was a fountain of knowledge and support in the lead up to the birth. I’d already been won over, but it was in the birthing room that I felt her influence most. I can firmly say that my wife and I would not have had the birth that we wanted if Tess wasn’t there. She was just brilliant.



Thanks for supporting me through the transitional time of pregnancy & birth again!  It's hard to put in words how much your caring and accepting attitude helps to regain trust when needed. Your movement sequences are a treat for body and mind and it's wonderful how you spontaneously target the areas currently needing some attention that day. I feel like a newborn myself after every single class :)

Image by Josh Bean

“Every birthing woman should feel like a goddess”.

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