My Journey so far... (In no particular order)

A Doodler. Crafter. Artist

A Mama. Mother. Mum

A secondary Art and Design teacher

A sister to 4 bright and beautiful souls

A creator, passionate about nourishing, healthy soul food

A Doula. Birthworker. Moon Mama

A Yogi, student and teacher sharing

A lover of soul, hip de hop, singing and a whole lot in between

A student of everything (I bloody love a workshop)

A playful, inquisitive soul.


Yoga found me aged 17, thanks to a cd my sister sent me in the post.

My journey and love of yoga is like a puppy and an old friend all rolled into one. It's helped me make sense of myself, my chaotic brain, my emotions. Its helped me harness my energy, cultivate acceptance and nonjudgement. I have practiced yoga for over 15 years, it kept me sane through high school, got me and my liver through university, offered some space and calm in times of stress and trauma both in work and home life and gave me the gift of self acceptance. For this I am forever grateful and humbled and only wish to share the opportunity yoga presents for us to always be playful, to let go, to forgive ourselves and others and to learn from every moment.


My love for birth, supporting women and sharing the journey of motherhood came from the birth of my own son.

It reignited my deep rooted love for sisterhood, for self empowerment, for a sense of freedom and for the awesome power and strength gained from finding your tribe, welcoming support and building community. I especially love hanging out with my little human who constantly reminds me to stay rooted in the present moment, to be conscious and tuned in to nature and my environment, to open my heart and most importantly to be eternally playful.


My passion for nourishing soul food started when I was just a pip cooking with my parents and older siblings.

My desire to honour this, to live honestly, consciously and with heart is found in my desire to share the need for more self care, more self respect and more self love. The blog, my ramblings on motherhood, Yoga, birth and my nourishing recipes are all just offerings from my own colourful journey so far.


Be you

Be free

Be bendy like the reeds!


Professional Development in Yoga, Birth Education & Doula Support.


Red Tent Doula Preparation.jpeg

· Integrated Mother & Baby, Post Natal & Family Yoga Teacher Training - Uma Dinsmore, Shroud, (2018)

· Active Birth Preparation for Couples Training - Judy Cameron, Edinburgh, (2018)        

· Yoga Birth Study Day (Yoga Birth) – Judy Cameron, Professor Tracy Humphrey, Nicola Goodall, Louise James, Edinburgh, (2018)

· Post Natal Yoga Workshop  – Judy Cameron, British Wheel of Yoga, Edinburgh, (2018)

· Aromatherapy for Birth Workers – Nicola Goodall, Red Tent Doulas, Edinburgh (2017)

· Life of a Birth Keeper Advanced Certification, Nicola Goodall, Red Tent Doulas – (2017 - Current)

· Art Therapy for Birth Workers – Nicola Goodall, Red Tent Doulas, Edinburgh, (2017)

· Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training (85hr, British Wheel of Yoga) - Judy Cameron, British Wheel of Yoga, Glasgow,(2017)

· Anatomy In Action Workshop Series – Chris Kummer & Beverley Bruce, Yoga Alliance, Edinburgh, (2017)

· Yoga Birth Study Day (Yoga Birth) – Judy Cameron, Professor Tracy Humphrey, Yvonne Austen & Nadine Edwards, Edinburgh, (2017)

· Yoga Teacher Training (200hr, Yoga Alliance UK RYT200) - Yogacharya Venkatesh and Acharye Hema, Doug Swenson, Nawajyoti Saraswati, Brian Cooper, Edinburgh, (2016 - 2017)

· A Turning Point in Birth with Michel Odent (Le Leche League) – Michel Odent (2016)

· Intergrating Breath and Bandha in Asana (Yoga Anatomy) – Leslie Kaminoff (2015)

· Red Tent Doula Preparation Training (Red Tent Doulas) – Nicola Goodall (2015)