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Red Tent Doulas


Red Tent Doula Preparation Training (Red Tent Doulas) – Nicola Goodall (2015)

Finding magic in the everyday.

Celebrating difference. Nature. Connection


Im Tess. 

I love movement, Yoga, Birth, Doodling, Music, being upside down, rolling in leaves, triangles, Soul Circles, wild swimming, belly laughs, Singing, dancing, tree bark, Frost, wavy lines, rainbows, and playing in nature with my little humans. 

I fell in love with these practices. The creative, playful and practical framework Yoga provides, to inquire, to question, shape shift and evolve. 

My love for birth, and supporting women through this transformative time, came from my own journey. Embracing the wild, authentic self, leaning into the vulnerable, raw and highly unique transformations of pregnancy, birth and motherhood. This ignited a deep rooted love for sisterhood, authentic connection, community  and support. All of this, fuelled the idea, content and evolution of Yes Yoga.

I spent my young adult life, feeling a disconnect between my body and mind and that my brain wasn't wired, to function in this world. My process and work with anxiety, addiction, my BA in Fine Arts, MA in Education and 8 years as a secondary art teacher, delivered me to a place of deep questioning and a need to move away from systems and structures where support and celebration of difference wasnt felt. 

These practices provided me a method, a means and somatic space to nurture connection, creativity and fierce compassion. They continue to keep me rooted right at the centre of the messy, vulnerable, magic of the everyday. 

Deep respect and love to my teachers past and present who encourage, celebrate and embrace difference on the journey home, to our most authentic selves! To my very first art teacher, to Victoria Bosso, Nicola Mahdiyyah, Uma Dinsmore, my loved ones, to Robin and my wildest, wisdom teachers Rumi and Leo, there are no words.

To these practices and to all those who, I am honoured to walk beside.


Tess xxx


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