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Reclaim the ancient Wisdom of your wild power with Tangible means to activate your inner magic.

Embody the ancient wisdom of divine feminine through practical movement, breath and sacred sound activation.

What is
Wild Sacred Self?

Join experienced yoga teacher, movement specialist, and birth keeper Tess, and journey to the roots of your authentic, sacred self.
Awaken to the power of your unique magic, in this world. 
Deepen connection to your divine self and Earth Mother,
to feed personal and collective generativity.

The impact of oppressive structures, can fracture and disconnect us from our Wild feminine roots. Wild Sacred Self is a journey to connect with your divine feminine wisdom, insight and wild power. With practical tools, ritual and embodiment that hold you, mind and inspired the sacred, in your daily doings.

Dive into the cosmic waves and draw transformative power,  from 
the ancient wisdom teachings. Dance between seen and unseen, personal and planetary, utilising embodiment practices and ritual to weave a thread of belonging on the path home to wholeness.

What is WWS

Connect to the roots of your wild power.  Dive into the ancient wisdom teachings, to activate your divine magic.

What your
Journey Includes

12 Bi-weekly sessions

 With Goddess 13 - Wild Sacred Self Ceremony

Our Journey will begin - June 2023
Ingredients for Group explorations;  Movement, Breath & Sound alchemy, Wisdom teachings and Goddess Archytypes. 

Sacred Roots

Weaving sacred connection body play, dancing with your divine.

Sacred Vision

Alchemic transformation and loss, fire play, burning enthusiasm. 

Sacred Play

Weaving sacred connection, subtle body and dancing with the divine.

Divine Mother

Spirals, circles & cyclical play. UpRooting suffering - Magic beyond the mind. 

Sacred Integrity

Shadow play, alchemising anger, stimulate & soothe. Wild wholeness.

Cosmic Chaos

Sacred rhythm, & creative power. Mystic Spirited Breath & dream body.

Womb Wisdom

Stirring creativity & Connection, divine feminine, kama, sacred sexuality.

Dharmic Desire

Tapping intuitive power, pure love & collective worth. Your MicroMacro orbit.

Collective Care

Embodiment. Bliss body and weaving wonder. Personal to planetary spheres.

Sacred Sound

Ritual Richness. Emotional integrity, surfing polarities, comfort in discomfort


Myth, Goddess, Divine  interpersonal resilience & intentional compassion.


Opening to the flow of Shakti. Moksha, sacred nature & cosmic womb.

What will I learn?

Upon completion you will receive a Sacred Guardianship certificate.


This journey is
for you if...

  • You want to deepen your understanding of Divine Feminine Wisdom.

  • You want to transform the mundane into magical,and tap into your untamed wild roots.

  • Mighty Mother Goddesses wanting to rediscover connection with your body, sense of self, unique power and place in the world.

  • You are ready to step into your true power, own your unique magic and activate creative divine flow.

  • Nurturers, soul seekers, artists, heart led curious souls,  healers, conscious leaders, activists, womb holders, magic believers, movement practitioners, birth keepers, mothers. 

  • You are ready to embrace a framework of Connection, a Matriarchal, generative structure, outside of patriarchal and oppressive systems.

  • You desire to build resourcefulness, resilience, personal and collective connection and care.

  • You wish to come home to your unique rhythm of belonging with earth.

  • You want to reclaim your intuitive power and inner guidance system.

  • Truth Seekers wanting to align with their own inner expert and the wisdom of the goddess within.

  • This journey welcomes all, wanting to find deeper connection with self, earth and magic.

Who is it for?

Benefits of your
Journey Include


An exploration of the practical and the magical. With Movement, Breath Alchemy, Sound potions, goddess activation and wisdom teachings.


Connect and deepen

into collective support, sisterhood, spirituality, creativity and collaboration. 


Awaken to your birth right as a sacred being. 

Create space to cultivate curiosity, creativity and wonder.

Spiritual Evolution

Awaken deep self trust,  worth and agency, rooted in connection to your unique inner guidance system, the earth and the divine within.


A  6 month support Journey, to habitualise teachings, and practices to embody your Wild

Sacred Self.


Utilise practical and creative tools,  embodiment practices and ritual, to own your truth and your unique way in the world.


Meet Your
Mentor, Tess

Tess Headshot.jpg

As a yoga teacher, movement specialist, and birth keeper with over a decade of experience serving families through the wild and sacred journey of birth and motherhood, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to my offerings.


With 400 hours of accredited yoga training and birth education, as well as a background in arts and education, I am deeply committed to creating somatic space for personal and collective healing and transformation.


My heart-led approach draws on the creative worlds of art, movement, non-dual tantra, wisdom teachings, womb power, nature, and ritual to help individuals tap into their unique magic and inner wisdom.

Red Tent Doulas


Birth Keeper Advanced Certification, 

 Nicola Goodall (2017-18)

Payment Options

Our Journey will begin - June 2023. 

*Please read payment options carefully before selecting.  Payment plan option will take first payment at checkout and subsequent payment from preferred start date.  Need to discuss payment? Contact Us

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.
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