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A sweet bundle of short classes that allow you to travel through new and familiar terrain in body and mind.  These practices are for EVERYONE.


A combination of:



Corrective Exercise


Building connection and awareness of our own personal universe.


Using the breath as a vehicle to sensitise to our own unique system, and the mechanics of our mind, body and breath to bring about a great sense of balance through our whole being.
Access to tools, ingredients and recipes that help us to navigate our day to day.
Means and methods to help us get around ourselves and our circumstance differently.
Ways to flip our personal circumstance so we can see and experience from a fresh perspective.
In spirit and origin, yoga embodies Unity.


As a practice it's a means to exploring unity, dignity and worth in self and all beings.
Yoga is a science of social equality and justice, through practices that unearth separation, oppression and exclusion


Yoga at its root is a practice of inquiry, empathy and spiritual democracy, a method to uplift, learn and broaden our field of presence.


This amazing offer also includes a FREE breathwork exercise!

10 FOR £10

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