'Come seek, 

for search is the foundation of fortune;

Every success depends on focusing the heart.'

- Rumi


Today, on international women's day it seemed fitting to share this with you dear sisters, women, mothers, daughters, aunties and friends...

I wrote this to myself before the birth of my son. At the time I didnt have a plan, idea or thought I just wrote, I wrote with heart and with raw honesty. Now, looking back it seems perfectly clear, this was my way of making peace with what was to come. An opportunity to give myself, my body and my baby the gift of trust and self acceptance. To dive right into the unknown, to welcome the chaos and all the beauty, challenge and new beginnings....

I have read this back to myself many times, as a new mama, as a tired breastfeeding mama, as an overwhelmed, insanely sleep deprived mama. As a woman newly lost and finding herself again. As a human being just trying to figure out my new and sometimes unfamiliar landscape.




You can trust time and the inevitability of change.

You can trust that when you think you cant take it for one more minute, you can handle it for one more minute because it will change.

You can trust your strength, courage and adaptability.

You can trust your body in ways you never dreamed possible.

You can trust your child.

You can trust yourself.

You will loose trust and then find trust again.

You can trust in every outcome. Prepared or unprepared.

You can trust, because your life has prepared you for this, to be attentive, receptive, attuned and responsive to whatever comes.

You have prepared to let go and embrace the unknown.

You can believe it with every fiber of your being, your feet rooted and connecting to the rhythms of mother earth.

You can believe in it because, you believe in yourself.


~ T ~