What are super food's and what are they good for?

How do we boost our energy, nourish ourselves and restore vitality? As the days get longer and we welcome the spring, I feel the need to boost my vital energy and connect with that raw, wild warrior spirit!

Self care is one of the most effective ways to increase energy and restore vitality, balance and harmony to our system.  So why do we so often overlook our own self-care?

Most people have busy, multifaceted lifestyles, juggling relationships, family life, work, and friends, self care usually falls to the bottom of the pile. Over time this leads to increased levels of stress in the body if we dont take time to rest and restore. This level of high energy 'doing'  drains both our energy and vitality. For mamas, self care is so incredibly important yet so often over looked in the effort to ensure everyone else's well being.

One quick and easy and natural way to boost energy is to take a daily Super food supplement. To help restore balance to our system and nourish mind, body and spirit.


Three natural super foods to restore vitality and boost energy

Here are three of my favorite super food supplements, which you can easily add to your daily diet. See them as a gift from nature and unlike a synthetic product or drug, these medicinal plants have 100’s of compounds which can work on the body in a harmonious way. Nutritionally rich, they offer amazing healing potential and give the body what it needs for optimal health and vitality.

You can check out the video I made for a quick low down on the amazing benefits of maca and Ashwaganda powder and read my full blog post below to find out more about all 3 superfoods and try my quick and daily recipe.

Here I talk about some of my favorite superfoods to help Boost Energy and restore balance and vitality in the body.

Which Super foods will help balance my emotions and boost energy?

Maca Powder

Taste: Malty, sweet, caramel

Add to: Porridge, smoothies, juices, milk, cereal, baking, desserts.

Quantity: 1 teaspoon (can build up to a table spoon daily if required)

Safety: Caution, especially in early pregnancy. As with everything listen to yourself and consult with a holistic health provider you trust.

Benefits: Adaptogen, increases strength, stamina, energy and sexual function.

Photo by Sambazon on Unsplash

Photo by Sambazon on Unsplash

Traditionally used for promoting energy and vitality, as a fertility aid and a mood enhancer, due to its hormone regulating properties in the body. Ancient Incan warriors apparently consumed Maca before battle for strength and stamina.

Found in Peru, Maca root looks a bit like a turnip and grows in very mineral rich soil, at high altitudes in the Andes Mountains.

Rich in minerals, iron, carbohydrates and protein, this superfood powder contains plant sterols which have influence on our endocrine system, working on centres of the brain which influence hormone production in the body. To survive in the high altitudes the Maca root plant produces repair enzymes which work positively in our body, to repair damaged DNA resulting from stress.

The body responds to stress by producing cortisol and unfortunately in the production of cortisol the body uses up good hormones such as progesterone. This stress response causes hormonal imbalance.

Women need a balance of progesterone and oestrogen in the body. Progesterone has a calming effect, is essential for milk production and regulates menstrual cycle. Oestrogen is the sex hormone, and speeds up brain productivity. When we are in a stress response the body uses up progesterone to continually function in this high alert state, levels of oestrogen and cortisol increase, using up vital energy and contributing to feelings of being overwhelmed.

Taking a daily supplement of Maca powder can be really effective for post natal mamas and women in general to balance hormones and boost energy naturally.

Maca powder is also a great supplement for men, effective in helping to maintain a healthy balance of testosterone in the body while balancing energy and maintaining health and vitality.


What foods help to promote more restful sleep?

Ashwaganda Powder

Taste: Bitter sweet.

Add to: Energy bites, smoothies, porridge, milk, desserts, hot chocolate.

Quantity: 1 teaspoon daily

Safety: Not to be consumed in pregnancy or by children.

Benefits: Calming, energising, sedative, Adaptogen (herbal ingredients used to improve the systems of the body in charge of managing the body’s hormonal response to stress).

Photo by Natalia Dworniak on Unsplash

Photo by Natalia Dworniak on Unsplash

Found in India and the Middle East, Ashwaganda is a small, woody shrub and the root which is used medicinally is traditionally used to support strength and sexual energy and fertility as a known aphrodisiac. This adaptogen has duel benefit in the body. It helps to sustain energy levels, strength and vitality, this tonic builds tissue and muscle, while calming the nervous system, mental processing and therefore promoting more restful sleep.

This superfood is a really effective supplement for those who suffer from anxiety or exhaustion, overworking or insomnia. It can help to promote mental agility and memory, so of huge benefit in the post-natal period. Ashwaganda is a natural herbal stress reliever and a helpful antidote for stressful busy lives.

Ashwaganda is also an anti-inflammatory and an anti-arthritic herb and stimulates the production of white blood cells helping to strengthen immunity so great to take all year round to support a healthy immune system.



What super food is good for my skin and safe to use in pregnancy?

Bee Pollen

Taste: Sweet, floral

Add to: Energy bites, smoothies, Teas, Yoghurt, desserts, juices, ice cream, trail mix.

Quantity: 1 teaspoon daily

Safety: check for allergy. Start with one pellet and build up dose over a week

Benefits: Energy, Rejuvenating, nutritive tonic, Circulatory booster

Photo by morais on Unsplash

Photo by morais on Unsplash

Bee Pollen has the richest single source of vitamins in a single food, including B comlex, fatty acids and contains 25% protein. Nutritionally dense, each pellet contains 2 million flower pollen grains!

Often used by athletes this super food promotes muscle growth, muscle recovery and improves strength and endurance when taken regularly.  Bee Pollen also stimulates metabolism and helps balance cravings whilst protecting against LDL cholesterol. It boosts circulation, heart health and promotes new skin tissue growth by increasing blood supply to skin cells and strengthening blood vessel walls due to its high content of flavonoid rutin.

For anyone who is run down, tired, or who is healing, this superfood is an absolute saviour and so easy to incorporate into your day to day.



My Post Natal Superfood Energy Boost:

Photo by Sambazon on Unsplash

Photo by Sambazon on Unsplash


1 tsp Maca

1 tsp Ashwaganda

1 tsp Bee Pollen


Add powder mix to porridge, juices, smoothies, baking, cereals, or energy bites.

And boom say hello to more vitality and energy!

 I would love to hear how you get on, leave a comment below or get in touch.

T x