Here is my 25 minute pregnancy yoga sequence suitable for the second and third trimester.

Photo by Marcos Moraes on Unsplash

Photo by Marcos Moraes on Unsplash

Feel strong and connected in the second trimester

The aim in this sequence is to help build strength in the legs and develop a strong connection with your breath and your baby.

During the second trimester you may feel you have more energy and any sickness you have had may begin to subside. Taking time each day for self care, to notice your breath, its quality, and spend a moment or more just feeling the rhythm of your inhale and exhale is a brilliant way to build greater body awareness and connect with yourself on a deeper internal level.

In pregnancy its so easy to think of all the things you can’t do, are missing out on, or that are changing. Its really important to recognise all you are doing, all the amazing things that are happening everyday as your body adapts and responds to the life growing inside your womb.

It is this internal awareness or rhythm which is so important when it comes to birth and mothering. Take some time to do this practice and really feel everything. Make each breath and each movement count.

How will prenatal yoga help me in birth?

People often say ; Why should I practice yoga when I’m pregnant? The thing to remember is that yoga is for you and is about you. Whether you are doing yoga when you are pregnant or not. No one else is in your body, so use it as an opportunity to get to know your body, to feel the internal rhythms of your heartbeat, your breath and your baby. This is I believe one of the most powerful reasons for practising yoga in pregnancy. It can help you to get to know your body that little bit better. to connect with the power of your breath and its influence on your body and mind. It can enable you to feel how your body responds, moves and feels. This is invaluable when the time comes to have your baby and in birth when you can support the process of birth with your breath.

I also hear these questions a lot; ‘What yoga poses can I do in the second trimester?’ Or ‘what yoga poses can I do when I am pregnant?’ You can read my blog post ‘Why do pregnancy yoga’ to find out more about this. The most important thing to remember is don’t do anything that doesn’t feel good. Make sure you listen to the quality of your breath and to your body rather than to following a sequence or keeping up with everyone else.

Enjoy a little bit of time for you, your baby and nourish your body and mind.

You deserve it mama, you are doing your most important work in growing and nurturing a little human as you nurture and love yourself! x

Enjoy and let me know how you get on.


T x