Energising Green Smoothie

This is my absolute go to Smoothie. This smooth, sweet and creamy drink makes it a great breakfast smoothie or mid-morning pick me up if you are on the run. Packed with energy boosting, healing properties I had this daily during the early post-natal period along with my diet of primarily warming foods. It’s a great addition for anyone needing an energy boost or who is healing. This is a favourite daily fix for me and my 3 year old.


Spinach – Rich in chlorophyll, it helps with oxygen assimilation in the body. Spinach contains magnesium, important for overall health and helpful for reducing high blood pressure. Spinach is a natural source of Vitamin K

Banana – Great source of potassium which the body needs to metabolise proteins and to help turn glucose into energy in the body.

Dates – Oh my little wonders! I am obsessed with Dates (especially Medjool’s). Rich in magnesium, dates have been shown when taken 4 weeks before birth to help reduce rates of induction and improve speed of dilation (Pregnant Mama’s get eating”). Dates are a great sweet treat, with slow release sugars making them a great source of energy. They provide a high source of potassium which is a mineral important for maintaining effective muscle contraction. Post Natal mamas this is great for supporting post-partum uterine contractions as your uterus returns to its pre-pregnancy size. 

Maca  – This superfood powder grows in central Peru at high altitudes in the Andes Mountains. The powder is ground from the root of this potato like vegetable that looks like a turnip and grows in the Andes at high altitude. Its main properties are that is promotes strength and stamina while helping to regulate hormonal balance in the body. It is the repair enzymes in this superfood that make it such a powerful tonic in the body, helping to balance our hormones and help the body cope with the damaging effects of stress.

Ashwaganda – Traditionally used as a tonic and to promote strength and sexual energy this plant is found in the drier regions of India and the Middle East. Known as the Indian ‘Ginsing’ this super powder holds duel like properties providing both nourishing and energising effects as it calms the nervous system. The powdered root is used as a restorative tonic for sleep problems and exhaustion as it helps to promote more restful sleep. Post-natal Mamas take note!

Almonds (Nut butter) – Another source of magnesium and potassium, they are high in fibre and a great way to help balance blood sugar. Almonds also have the highest antioxidant levels of plant based foods helping to reduce inflammation and promote cell and tissue repair.



Serves 1

-    1 Banana (Or ½ Avocado)

-    1 Medjool Date

-    1 Cup Plant Milk (my fav – Oat Milk)

-    Big handful Spinach

-    1 tbl Nut Butter

-    1 tsp Ashwaganda Powder

-    1 tsp Maca Powder


Chuck everything in the blender.


DRINK!   (It’s that easy)