Part 1 - The Practical stuff

So this question comes up so much in the pregnancy yoga and birth preparation classes that I wanted to talk about some of the practical stuff that’s really useful to have when you do go into labour.

Check out part 2 of 'The Birth. What do I need? Where I discuss how important the birthing environment is and how we can transport and create a positive birth space where ever we are birthing.


PART 1 – The Practical Stuff

  • PANTS! (Super Comfy is a must)
  • Pyjamas or a Nightie (Something that unbuttons or is loose up top).
  • Maternity Pads (forgot to mention this in video)
  • Breast Pads (For leaky boobs – Bamboo pads are so soft for tender or raw nipples - sold in John Lewis & Amazon).
  • Lanolin Nipple Cream – Lansinoh is the best, purple tube (sold in boots)
  • Toiletries (for Hospital or Birth centre – face cream, tooth brush, shampoo
  • Hair Brush / Bobbles / Hair band
  • Lip Balm
  • Straws (Maybe something fun to make you giggle – Laughter is SOO Good in the birth space)
  • Flannels (2 or 3 - again very soft is good - bamboo or 100% cotton)
  • Raw Honey or Molasses (Local Health food shop or Holland & Barratt)
  • High Coco Solid Dark Chocolate
  • Snacks – crackers, oat cakes, fruit, energy bars/balls,
  • Mints
  • Face wipes – sensitive / non scented