One to one Birth Support

One to One Antenatal and Post Natal Sessions

Private Yoga and Birth Preparation Classes.

As a doula and pregnancy yoga teacher, my ultimate goal is to create a little bit of sanctuary for you during this special and transformative time, offering you love and support whatever path you choose.

If you want to know more about how I can support you during this special time, a complete list of services, pricing information and contact details can be found here. Each support package is detailed below.

  I would love to hear from you. Please just get in touch if you have any enquires or want to arrange a meet up.

Full Birth Support

Tailored one to one support through Pregnancy, Birth and the Post Natal period.

Research shows having a doula can shorten labour, reduce the need for intervention and positively effect women's experiences of birth. Click here for more information.

Full Birth Support - £750

Includes 3 Antenatal Sessions, 4 week on call period, birth support, 2 Post Natal visits.

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Birth is a life changing experience. This support package provides continuity of care throughout your pregnancy, birth and the post natal period. so you feel empowered and prepared for your birthing journey.

Full birth support includes 3 antenatal sessions, an on call period, full support at the birth and 2 post natal sessions. The emphasis during this time is for me to really get to know you, so you feel relaxed, informed and supported. Tailored antenatal sessions, labour support and post natal sessions will enable you to share your wishes and ideas about birth, explore techniques and resources to support you through pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Feel valued and ready to embrace your journey to motherhood, and own your birth journey.

Antenatal Support

Tailored one to one sessions, available at times to suit you.

Antenatal Session (90 Minutes) - £60

4 Session block (75 minutes each) - £200

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Pregnancy is a wonderful, uniquely personal experience. These one to one antenatal sessions offer support during your pregnancy so you feel respected and informed.

Each Antenatal session will be tailored to meet your individual needs. Antenatal support sessions offer you the opportunity to learn more about the physical changes which occur in pregnancy and birth and techniques to support you during your pregnancy and in preparation for labour.

Embrace your pregnancy, and make some space to connect with your body and your baby.

Post-Natal Support

Tailored one to one sessions, available at times to suit you.

Post Natal Session (75 Mins) - £35

4 Session block (60 minutes each) - £100

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The first 40 days after the birth of your baby is a incredible time like no other. These one to one sessions offer support during these early days with the intention to replenish and promote health for you the mama.

Each tailored Post Natal session allows you the mama to be nurtured so you can focus on healing, resting and restoring as you transition into motherhood. Use of traditional techniques, herbs, preparing nourishing foods, and offering some space for you to share your experiences.

Journey through this period of huge adjustment and intensity, feeling supported and loved.

Private Pregnancy / Post Natal Yoga

1:1 Birth Preparation Sessions

Tailored one to one sessions, available at times to suit you.

1:1 Pre / Post Natal Yoga Session (90 minutes) - £60  

x4 Session Pre / Post Natal Yoga Block (75 minutes each) - £200

Couples Birth Preparation Session (2.5 Hrs) - £90                               (** Includes hnadout, Audios, Resources)



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One to one sessions in yoga and or birth preparation to support you and your partner during this special and transformative time.

These sessions are ideal for those wishing to understand more about the physical, mental and emotional changes that occur during pregnancy and birth, and prepare for life as a parent.

These one to one sessions will center around your needs and can take whatever focus will help support you on your birthing journey. This maybe developing a tailored yoga sequence to support some of the physical symptom of pregnancy such as heart burn, sickness, leg cramps etc, or exploring poses to develop body awareness, strength and create a sense of space in body and mind.

Each session we will explore breathwork and relaxation to cultivate a sense of space and help you to connect with yourselves, your baby and each other. We will explore yoga and postures to support optimal feotal positioning, active birth, massage and accupressure for use in pregnancy, labour and the post natal period to help relieve tension, reduce discomfort and aid relaxation.

For the Birth preparation sessions, you will received a full handout with information and photo examples of positions and massage we have covered, audios so you can practice the breathing and relaxation techniques at home and a full list of resources, links and support services.

A personally tailored session to nourish and support, help you develop body awareness, strength and mental clarity and prepare emotional for the journey of parenthood.


 The intention of YesYoga is to support physical, emotional and mental well being. Therefore if cost is an obstacle, please get in touch to discuss.