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A nourishing flow to release and restore, relieve tension and cultivate space in body and mind.

A wonderful way to release tension from your week and for sports enthusiasts and athletes wanting to increase flexibility, strength and mental stamina. 

 Beginners welcome

These nourishing yoga classes combine flowing movement with longer holds to balance your energies and cultivate awareness both on and off the mat. Each class will explore sun salutations and standing postures harmonising movement and breath to heat, strengthen and detoxify the body. To balance the yin and yang energies of the body we will move through a slower practice exploring stillness, letting go, releasing tightness and tension and sitting with what surfaces.

The intention each week is on connecting with your breath to find your own unique rhythm and flow and to encourage a sense of space in mind and body.

Open to all levels, this class will leave you feeling restored, nourished and connected.