SATURDAYS, Sacred Heart Centre, Edinburgh


“Movement is a powerful tool. We can transform our bodies, families, communities, and the planet… simply by moving more.”  

A class for the whole family!

Everyone is welcome, no experience required. Suggested suitable age: From mobile babies to 10 years, accompanied by parent/’s /guardian/carer.

Welcoming, fun classes offer a wonderful opportunity for families to move, play and explore their body and breath independently and together.

These playful and creative sessions led by Sonja and Tess, will incorporate movement, music, song, sound and breathwork, stories, relaxation and massage.

Yoga holds so many benefits in physical, emotional and mental wellbeing and development for all ages. In a family dynamic yoga can help foster; mutual respect, self awareness, acceptance, self regulation, creativity, relaxation and rest.

Come join us and our own families!

Check out my blog post ‘Why do family yoga’ if you want to read more about the benefits of family yoga for all.