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Updated: May 28, 2022

PROPS ARE GREAT! I use props a-lot. If you have been in classes you know I love a prop :) They can offer a wide range of benefits to your yoga practice and your everyday. Props can help to elevate, alleviate, create leverage, provide support, promote relaxation, offer a boundary - so you don’t occupy space that could lead to, or exasperate existing vulnerability in your body. Their uses are boundless, so enjoy experimenting and exploring ways to use props in your own practice. Check some great ways to use props in this video - with benefits for ALL, and lots of supports for Pregnancy and the Post Natal period. WANT MORE?

Check out the YESYOGA On-Demand Library with 80+ classes, livestream classes or get in touch.

A FEW OF MY FAVOURITE… PROPS BLOCK BOLSTER MASSAGE BALL EXERCISE/BIRTH BALL - Small & Large *YOGA STRAP *CHAIR (Not featured in this video - These have dedicated video’s of their own) BENEFITS OF PROPS; - To create leverage - To create space - To occupy space - To support / Aid Relaxation & Release

WHERE TO GET YOUR PROPS? FOR YOGA BLOCKS I STRAP I BOLSTERS I MATS; Ekotex Get 10% DISCOUNT for Ekotex Purchases Here A small, Edinburgh based company, providing sustainable mats and props. Supporting Local Business and the planet, for all your Yoga Needs - Blocks, Mats, Yoga Straps, Bolsters :) Blocks - I personally, use both the Recycled foam brick and the Firmer Cork brick - both excellent! FOR EXERCISE BALLS I MASSAGE BALLS; Yoga Matters UK Based Company, started in North London, committed to making yoga and wellbeing accessible to all. EXERCISE / BIRTH BALL - HOW TO AND WHY? Check this post for a quick visual example. And this Video for simple ways to use a birth ball in Pregnancy. WHICH SIZE BALL DO I NEED? Birthing balls are available in several sizes - Its really important to get the right size ball for your height. 55cm ball - suitable for height under 168cm. 65cm ball - suitable for height 168cm-178cm. 75cm ball - suitable for height over 179cm.


  • When sitting on your ball, your hips should be positioned slightly higher than your knees.

  • Sitting fractionally forward on your ball, place your feet apart and allow your bottom to sink into the ball comfortably. This will enable you to sit with your spine in good alignment

  • You can also use your ball to sit at a table or desk - encourages good posture.

  • Use the ball as a firm but comfortable support whilst sitting on the floor

  • Kneeling on the floor you can lean your upper body over the ball, either with your back horizontal, or by easing your hips down towards your heels.

  • You can also circle your hips in the more upright kneeling position - avoiding weight & tension in wrists (great option if you have carpel tunnel).

BENEFITS ✔️Supports tone & integrated activation of Pelvic floor & core, from the feet up - for all. ✔️Supports optimal alignment for all, and great in pregnancy (aka the transfer of forces through the body - if you are experiencing discomfort - this could be a mighty GAME CHANGER..) ✔️Great place to practice Pelvic floor mobilisation both contracting and releasing. ✔️Relieves low back & Pelvic pain ✔️Alleviates heartburn - lengthening front line & oesophagus ✔️Strengthens spinal muscles ✔️Great for forward leaning positions & OFP in Pregnancy ✔️Great for supporting active labour & non weight bearing, forward leaning positions. ✔️Relieves tension of perineal muscles & inner thighs ✔️Great for partner massage in pregnancy & Birth PREGNANT Or POST PARTUM? Check my Pre & Post Natal Livestream classes and workshops here and my On-Demand Library of specially tailored Classes, and Membership Plans

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