• Tess

Self belief, a rad birth and owning it

Here is the gorgeous Birth Story of Lauren and Steve, a potent and beautiful example of what happens when you embrace your present, prepare and support yourself with a DREAM birth Team, and do the ground work to enable deep TRUST and SELF BELIEF to guide you.

I met Lauren and Steve, in the summer of 2020, together we dived into some virtual birth preparation and had the pleasure of Laurens amazing Mother, join us for one session.

Enjoy reading their beautiful Birth Experience.

Lauren and Steve’s Birth Story

Steve and I made the decision to have a home birth around 28 weeks -

they'd just been reinstated, and so after a lot of discussion, we felt

like it would be the place that felt the safest and where we were

could create the environment most conducive to the calm, physiological

birth we hoped for. Around this time we also considered getting a

doula, as we also assumed my parents would not be able to make it over

from the US to be here for the birth (my mom had been planning to be

my second birth partner). Luckily, they were able to make it over in

time to quarantine and still move in with us well in advance of our

September 20 due date and with enough time for us to savor some time

together before the sweetness and chaos of a newborn joined the mix.

Even though Steve and I had been through a fairly straightforward and

positive labor and delivery before, we'd never had a baby at home and

wanted a few more tools in our toolbelt to help us prepare this time

around, so we reached out to Tessa for some antenatal prep work.


I went past my due date with no signs of labor starting, but even as

the days continued to pass I felt incredibly relaxed (and not too

uncomfortable, thankfully) and knew the baby would arrive when he was

ready. I woke up on Thursday morning, September 24, feeling like I had

the flu. I couldn't keep anything in my system, and felt achy and

tired and super nauseous. I knew this could be a sign of impending

labor, but also knew it could still be a while off. Steve, on the

other hand, was convinced today was the day! I tried to rest in the

morning, then snoozed on and off while Rowan napped. When I woke up I

felt less nauseous, and as I headed downstairs I peeked into the study

and saw that Steve had gotten the office all set up for the midwives.

Regardless of when the baby decided to come, our flat was ready for


That afternoon we all relaxed at home, and around 5:30 I felt the

first little twinge in my lower belly. Things were getting a little

chaotic, as dinner time with a toddler can be, so my parents did

dinner with Rowan while Steve and I went for a walk around the

neighbourhood. We only walked for 20 minutes or so, but I'll always

remember this time as really special - we held hands, we shared how

excited we were and reminded each other that we were so prepared for

this. Steve was mega pumped, and while I was excited to get the show

on the road and meet our boy, I was a bit nervous to go through the

intensity of labour again. As we started heading back home, my

contractions were still mild but Steve timed them just for fun - they

were only about 30 seconds long but coming regularly every 2 minutes.

When we got home, I kept thinking - I just have to make it to Rowan's

bedtime (7:30) and then I can relax. Around 6:30 I sat on the exercise

ball in our living room, rolled around for a bit, and when I stood up

I felt the familiar gush of my water breaking. With Rowan I soaked

through about 4 pairs of trousers before I figured out what was

happening, but this time I put in a maternity pad right away and

noticed meconium in the waters. This didn't alarm me, as the same

thing had happened with Rowan and we were still allowed to stay home

for 24 hours as it was light in colour and he was full term. I assumed

that would be the case this time, too. Around 7 we decided to call the

hospital just to let them know what was happening. Steve did bedtime

while I called triage - over and over and over. It was after 8 before

we finally got through, at which point they told us that we'd need to

come in so they could check the baby and that we wouldn't be able to

birth at home.