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Louise's free birth story

I'll share this love I find with everyone.

We'll sing and dance to Mother Nature's songs.

I don't want this feeling to go away.



I introduce you to, Louise Day

I met this amazing woman when she attended Birth Preparation classes, over two years ago, then pregnant with her first. In full circle, she became a friend, an amazing advocate and activist for women's rights in birth and we had the honour of sharing space with her in birth prep classes, during this pregnancy.

Here is her amazingly powerful story....

My Birth Story Louise Day

My daughter was born at home. Planned free birth with my husband and our doula Julie Smeaton. Born 40+6. 7lb 9oz on 1/6/20. 27 hour labour. Home births were and still are cancelled in NHS Lothian. Had originally planned to have midwives there until Covid happened. I’d spent the last part of my pregnancy writing to decision makers to encourage them to reinstate home births. I’d been through a mad up and down journey of being torn about what to do with my birth but my instinct told me I was safer at home.

Warming up

I had strong braxton hicks and what I thought were mild contractions for a week. Mucus plug went a few days before then at 3am on 31/5 I started getting contractions every 15 minutes.

They were quite slow. I listened to some visualisations and Tess’s positive birth affirmations. After some rest they stopped. I rested during the day, did hypnobirthing and then more contractions came but still quite spaced out. I put on the tens machine. Had a few walks and watched some tv with my husband. I sent my son off to his granny’s. I was pleased I didn’t feel too sick this time and ate some pasta and fruit - anything I felt like really. Things didn’t ramp up until about 11pm that night and my waters broke.

Contractions got more intense as the night went on. My husband had put the pool up earlier and filled it. I was really tempted to go in with it sitting there in the middle of the living room. I had my birth affirmations up on the wall and my scan picture. My husband set up led candles and put a tarpaulin over the window to block out any light.

My Birth Team

My doula came at midnight. I spent time in and out of the pool as I noticed it slowed down my labour. Being upright ramped things up. My doula encouraged me to rest in between contractions to conserve energy. 2am, 3am, 4am passed I was thinking when is this going to happen!? I never once thought I wanted to go to hospital though. I was moaning a lot during the contractions and trying to keep a loose jaw and just let whatever sounds came out come out.

I used lavender on a flannel to smell which relaxed me and also a cold flannel for my face when I felt hot. I looked at my Yes Mama birth affirmations cards one being about Mother Nature having my back. My doula told me other women were passing on their good wishes to me and this helped me also know that others were with my in this journey. I got in the pool about 5ish and was in for a few hours things were ramping up now. I came up on my knees when I had a contraction and then moved onto all fours. My body told me to wiggle around and try support baby to get into a good position. I had a feeling because the labour was quite long that baby may be in an unusual position. I tried not to focus on it too much though and to trust.


At about 7:20am I had some mega intense contractions and said ‘I can’t do this!’ Started roaring and felt out of control. Baby was moving down. I have a few pushes and then felt down with my hands and could feel something warm with soft hair! And then another push and the body and as I lifted baby up my husband said ‘it’s a girl!’ She was born to Jack Johnson Upside Down. I had lovely skin to skin and a feed in the pool. Hardly any blood loss.

Got out the pool and got lots of lovely photos. I phoned my midwife and she wouldn’t come out and advised me to call an ambulance and that I was a birth before arrival!! I told her I wasn’t!! I was a planned free birth.

She was worried about my placenta not being out yet. I had some contractions and my doula helped me to the toilet and I pushed it out into a bowl. Had some lovely strawberries and chocolates chilling my living room afterwards. My husbands face was so full of pride and awe. It was all so calm. My doula left us to it. She was so amazing throughout. Helping me breathe, trusting the process and reassuring me. My birth was so hands off and instinctive. My husband cut the cord as decided it was getting in the way a bit! Decided to go into hospital to get checked. I felt quite sore in my bottom. I had a third degree tear so off to surgery to be repaired under spinal. I then stayed in hospital for a night. All home safe and well and can’t believe I did it!!

I'll share this love I find with everyone.

We'll sing and dance to Mother Nature's songs.

I don't want this feeling to go away.

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