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A great Energy boosting snack for labour, breastfeeding, on the go, mid day boost - a great all round clean sweet treat, vegan, refined sugar free, with complex carbohydrates for slow release energy.

This is a classic energy ball recipe with a fresh zing of lemon will offer a quick energy boost and a spring in your step to welcome in the spring months. The key energy boosting ingredient in this recipe is the superfood powder Maca. A great daily supplement for men and women, it is also a fantastic post natal and labouring supplement. Knowing what woman might actually feel like eating in labour is a bit of an unknown. What we do know is to sustain energy and stamina for birth you need fuel for your body.

Here is one of my go to recipes when I am preparing to support a mama in birth, or the post natal period. I use when I need a mid morning boost or a post workout snack. This is also a fantastic pregnancy and post-natal treat, great for boosting energy and balancing mood to support mental and emotional well-being. Nutritional Low Down

Maca Powder

A Peruvian super food. Maca helps to regulate the endocrine system therefore supporting hormonal balance in the body; it also powerfully enhances strength and stamina without stimulating. The malty taste complements the oats and lemon and will give you that extra spring in your step! (check out my post 'three super foods to boost your energy' for more on this). **If making to eat through pregnancy just take out the maca powder and for an energy boost coat in cacao nibs instead.


A source of fibre, protein and complex carbohydrates, offer that slow release of sugar in to the blood after eating. They are a super grounding and warming food. They are a great source of iron and are also known to help with the production of breast milk – so a win win for post natal mamas.


Great for helping with nausea this citrus fruit is both refreshing and uplifting. Lemon when ingested is infact an alkaline, lemons reduce overall acidity in the body and can help reduce pain and inflammation. Win win and coupled with a glass of lemon water tea first thing to support hydration and flushing out toxins and you will be good to go!

Sunflower Seeds

Rich in protein these seedy gems will help maintain stamina and energy. They are a rich source of B Vitamins, particularly Folate which is important for supporting a healthy pregnancy and boosting the immune system. Ingredients - 1 cup of Desiccated Coconut - 1 cup Oats - 1 1/2 Cups Dates (soaked for 10mins) - 1 Cup Sunflower Seeds (or try a mix - sunflower/ pumpkin/ sesame) - 4 tbl Nut butter ( Almond is my favorite, or try a mix 1/2 almond, 1/2 tahini) - 1 tsp Vanilla paste (or 1 vanilla pod scraped out) - Zest of 1 Lemon - Juice of 1 Lemon - 2 tbl Maca Powder (**leave out if making to eat during in pregnancy) For the Coating (Optional) - Desiccated Coconut - Cacao Nibs Makes 20 Balls Place the dates in a bowl of boiling water and leave to one side for at least 10 minutes to soften, while you weigh out all the other ingredients. Add the coconut, oats, seeds, nut butter, maca, lemon zest and vanilla and the soaked dates to your blender. Blitz until all the ingredients are combined. Add the lemon juice a little at a time testing to see when the mixture is a consistency that will hold together when squashed into a ball. I like these energy bites really lemony so I sometimes add a whole squeezed lemon for flavouring and if the mixture gets too wet just add alittle more desiccated coconut to balance out. Then roll the mixture into small balls. I like to coat each one in desiccated coconut. For an additional energy boost I sometimes use a mixture of cacao Nibs and coconut (Wild I know!) I then place the rolled balls into the fridge to harden. Then eat them – YUM!

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