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Birth Environment - What's important?

Part 2 - ‘The Birth – What do I need?’

Check out whats in my Doula Bag in - Part 1 Essentials for Labour day Here

The Environment during birth plays such a crucial role in supporting the hormonal pathway, physiology and key factors which determine how we feel during and how we experience birth.

Watch this this short clip on practical tips for creating a postive birth space. Whether you are planning a home birth, hospital, birth centre or other, the environment is key.

Heres some simple, practial ways to create the essence of 'home' quickly and easily, wherever you are birthing.

Ways to ground yourself and charge yourself with inner strength and self-belief, To promote feeling unobserved, safe, respected and loved.


  • Darkness - Low Lights – Fairy lights, battery candles (anything to create a low, warm light)

  • Textural Anchor - Familiar fabric / Scarf / Favourite cardi (An anchor with touch and smell to feeling safe & loved)

  • Blanket (warmth is key)

  • Sonic Anchor - Sound / Music playlist

  • Smell Anchor - Aromatherapy oils / Room Spray

  • Positive affirmations (Key words / Text / quotes - someone may read this to you, you could listen to them or have them printed)

  • Visual Anchor - Personal imagery – joyful / powerful / Favourite plae

  • Protection & Connection - Object to hold / Crystals to cleanse space / Aromatherapy Room Spray / Nature Anchor (leaf / feather / picture)

I’d love to hear what you’ve got in your birth bag or what helped you during your birth – leave a comment or get in touch.

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