Weekly Vinyasa classes, Pregnancy Yoga & birth preparation classes in Portobello.

**As I have just welcomed my second child into the world, I am taking a short break from teaching and Doula support and getting to know this beautiful soul.

For now I will be focusing on writing, recipes and blogging. So stay in touch and check the blog and instagram feed for updates, news, birth stories, articles and yoga.

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These friendly classes offer you a supportive space to connect with your baby, meet other women and honour the many changes during this transformative time. Incorporating yoga poses, breathwork and relaxation tools so you feel prepared to embrace pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

These classes are suitable from 12 weeks to birth. No previous yoga experience required.



This energising morning practice will help you to cultivate awareness through movement and breath. Vinyasa is a form of consciousness in motion and in this class we will warm the body, calm the mind and help to create a sense of space so you feel balanced, invigorated and ready for your week ahead.

All levels welcome including complete beginner.



These creatively sequenced classes will vary in pace, intensity and style with a strong emphasis on cultivating a deep connection with the breath.  Harmonising movement and breath these classes will work more dynamically to build strength, flexibility and stamina.

This is a Playful class combining movement and music!