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Peace For Palestine

'I Stand in Solidarity with the Palestinian people.'

 Scottish Jamaican artist, Kezia Lewis, has created a stunning artwork, in call for peace, unity, and solidarity with the Palestinian people. Pre- Order your print now. All profits donated to support the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

Details Of The Artwork

'Peace for Palestine' is inspired by the cactus, which represents a 'living map' of the Palestinian villages destroyed during the 1948 Nakba. The cactus, difficult to uproot and able to survive anywhere, tells the story of the land and its people, symbolising resilience and patience. The Olive leaf motif, infamous on the keffiyeh scarf, symbolises strength and perseverance.

Support Kezia's work @studio.kezikoko. See an exhibit of Kezia's art  Windrush Legacy Creative Reflections and  her FREE Workshop Offering here,

PHOTO-2023-11-27-11-19-25 2.jpg

Collective Care

All proceeds from the art print sales will be donated to MAP and UNFPA, providing vital support for the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.  Your purchase will contribute to the distribution of medical supplies, aid, food, water and life-saving reproductive health supplies the estimated 50,000 pregnant women caught up in the conflict.


This giclee Fine Art Print, is Available in both A4 (£25) and A3 (£35) sizes. Order your art print by completing the form below. 

Payment details will then be sent to you.  All prints will be sent via second class mail, in recyclable packaging. The first pre-order window closes on 1st December.


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