We offer the following Edinburgh based workshops and urban retreat sessions:

Active Birth Preparation for Couples, Calm & Connected Pregnancy retreat, Loving the Mama Post Natal workshop.



Date: 14th April    

Cost: £20  

Location: Shanti Collective (map)  

**Please register below, before you book. 

Mamas this one is for you.
A Post Natal workshop for you to acknowledge, connect and align with your body and your breath right where you are now, in your post natal journey.

Suitable from 12 weeks post birth, this workshop is for all mamas, whether your baby is months or years old.
We will work from the ground up, finding stability and postural integrity from the inside out. We will explore our pelvis, core and legs and work up the body to cultivate strength and vitality.

This workshop will include breath-work, a nourishing yoga sequence, movement & activation to energise the body, sound & chanting to restore balance and a yummy long relaxation and meditation to restore. We will get to know our pelvic floor in new and intimate ways, we will develop a deeper connection with the healing properties of our breath and move in ways which help to activate, cultivate postural integrity and relieve held tension.

I’m so excited to share this nourishing practice, I created to support my own post natal journey. We will delve deep, so you can nourish, restore, celebrate and find love for yourself in this new phase as a woman and a mama.

Expect some laughs, restore inner awareness, balance and respect for your body and take away practical tools to support your own self care and home practice.

Join me and share space with your awesome sisterhood.



Date: TBC

Cost: £70  


** Please register and email your form to tess@yesyogayou.com before you book.

A practical workshop exploring the use of yoga poses, massage and breath techniques so you and your birth partner feel empowered, connected and ready for childbirth.

This workshop offers Mamas and their birth partners the chance to connect with their baby and each other during this transformative time.

No yoga experience is necessary for this workshop and is perfect for all trimesters. If your birthing partner isnt available there is no need to despair, bring along your friend, sister, mum or Doula!

During this 3 hour session couples will have the opportunity to;

  • Learn breathing techniques, gentle touch and partner massage which can be used in pregnancy and labour

  • Learn a yoga for Birth sequence you can do with your partner to help release tension and prepare the body and mind for labour.

  • Learn effective positions and movements that can be helpful in childbirth, if labour stalls or is moving very quickly.

  • Learn how your partner can support you in pregnancy and childbirth using their own body, props, touch and the effective use of non verbal communication.

  • A long relaxation and visualisation to enjoy and connect with your baby.

  • Practical tools and ideas on how to create a positive birthing space that will nurture and support a birthing woman.

  • Informed discussion session exploring birthing choices and opportunity to ask questions, with a cup of tea and tasty treats.

  • Each couple will receive the following to take away so you can really embed what you have explored in the workshop

What's included;

  1. Audios created by Tessa so you can practice the breath work and relaxation techniques used in the session.

  2. A workshop handout with drawings of all the major postures and acupressure points discussed.

  3. A full listing with links to relevant articles and best medical evidence based research on topics explored in the session.

  4. A support services and alternative therapies handout with discounted rates for certain treatments and services.

The intention of this workshop is to develop a deep connection, trust and self belief so you and your partner feel in tune with each other, your baby and ready to embrace their birthing journey.

**Spaces are limited and these are the only Birth Preparation workshops Nicola is facilitating in the UK just now, so take the opportunity to share and learn with this highly experienced and internationally respected birth professional.



Date: TBC   

Cost: £25  

Location: Shanti Collective  (Map)

** Please register and email your form to tess@yesyogayou.com before you book.

The intention of this two hour session is to provide some sanctuary for you during your pregnancy journey and provide you with easy to use tools and practices so you feel empowered, informed and ready to embrace birth and motherhood.

A calm space for you to acknowledge and embrace the many changes, to cultivate strength, awareness and emotional wellbeing through yoga, breath work, self massage and relaxation.

This two hour workshop will include:

  • A guided yoga sequence suitable for anyone from 12 weeks of pregnancy, focusing on body awareness, and stability to help cultivate inner strength and self belief.

  • Practical ways to use breath work and affirmation to prepare mentally and emotionally for your labour and postures to help you connect with your body, your baby and actively support a calm and connected birth.

  •  Use of ritual and self care to cultivate acceptance and patience in the lead up to labour day. How to recognise early labour signs and practical tools to manage labour sensations so you feel calm and connected. 

  •  Post Natal Care - things to consider to support healing and ensure space and time for bonding and nourishment post birth.

  •  Deep relaxation and bonding meditation for you and your baby.

  •  Time for Tea, chats and healthy homemade treats 

What's included;

  1. Audios created by Tessa so you can practice the breath work and relaxation techniques used in the session.

  2. A self practice guide for each trimester and access to online videos.

  3. Essential reading on topics explored in the sessio